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How To Choose A Good Contractor

res21.  Ask how long the Company has been in business.
2.  Ask for a copy of the insurance certificate to keep and call the insurance company to make sure the company still has coverage.
3.  Go see some of their work and call the references they have provided.
4.  Ask for proof that  employees have passed a background check.   Apex offers Identification from AsktheSeal.com
5.  Ask for a copy of the written guarantee.
6.  Look for the details you want on the contract.  Do you want two or three coats?  How do you want the paint applied.  What if they spill some on your carpet?
7.  Call the Central Florida Better Business Bureau, Phone 407.621.3300, or check their website http://centralflorida.bbb.org

For more information, see the 10 tips for hiring a painting contractor at the Paint Quality Institute website:  http://www.paintquality.com/homeowners/paint-advice/infosheets/10tips_hiring.pdf

What is quality painting?

1. Determine what will be done for each type of area (any wood trim, stucco, aluminum siding, walls of each room, etc.) for:
2. Surface preparation, will it require pressure cleaning or removal by hand-scraping and wire brushing. Do you need wall repair and holes filled? Do you need to caulk around windows?
3. Priming-Spot or entire coat?
4. You can choose your color and brand of paint.
5.  Specify how long the paint is guaranteed for and what happens if it doesn’t wear well.
6. List how many coats of paint
7.  What is the Contractor’s Guarantee?

For more information, go to the Paint Quality Institute website at http://www.paintquality.com/homeowners/paint-advice/how-to-paint.html

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